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Sample PowerMaths Materials

Fracrods.xlsAn Excel Spreadsheet to help you understand Fractions314 Kb
Beijingc.docA PowerMaths Approach to Collaborative Learning - Beijing Conference218 Kb
AACE2003d.docThe PowerMaths Community: an infrastructure to support learning - AACE Paper71 Kb
Guardian2 Mar 21 2000.docReport in the Guardian26 Kb
Times 19 Oct 02.docReport in the Times33 Kb
decltools1.pdf(NONE)43 Kb
Munich.pdf(NONE)10 Kb
PEG 99 num and lit.pdf(NONE)80 Kb
PEG99 TFL.pdf(NONE)192 Kb
PM PEG 97b.pdf(NONE)46 Kb
TELED97c.pdf(NONE)77 Kb